Multilingual Language Awareness

Recently, I did a presentation on Ofelia García's (2008) encyclopedia entry on "Multilingual Language Awareness and Teacher Education." A few of García's points really stuck out to me as crucial not just to language education, but to education as a whole. With that in mind, I decided to share them along with some of my own thoughts. The … Continue reading Multilingual Language Awareness

Language is Messy (Concluding Thoughts on Translanguaging)

Throughout my last couple of posts, I focused on the practical end of using translanguaging as a teaching strategy. Today I will offer one more of Cummins' (2005) strategies and wrap up the translanguaging discussion (for now). In addition to the suggestions described in “Translanguaging for Dummies” and Translanguaging for Emerging Experts, Cummins also recommends using sister class projects … Continue reading Language is Messy (Concluding Thoughts on Translanguaging)

Overcoming the Monolingual Bias

In my last post (Translanguaging: Establishing Some Foundations), I highlighted the monolingual bias in language education and discussed the importance of being strategic in employing translanguaging strategies, including through having clear guidelines for when it is appropriate. However, I feel that I did not adequately address the question of why it is important to challenge the monolingual principle in … Continue reading Overcoming the Monolingual Bias